By Divine Right

#Throwback : The More Thorns Video

In 2013, Jonathan and Ben were friends, but not yet colleagues. We lived in different cities, and had separate career paths. An opportunity arose to create a music video for iconic Canadian band: By Divine Right, who were in the midst of recording their album “Organized Accidents”


When considering concepts for the video, Ben recalled a video he had made with some friends back in high school, using ‘video feedback’. Basically, by attaching a camera to a television and pointing the camera back at the television screen… can ‘loop’ the image and create some interesting visual effects. Proof that the time teenagers spend goofing off can yield tangible results!


Jonathan had access to a home theatre and projector, so the plan was set… some psychedelic video feedback, along with some various performance footage, and make a fun, fast cutting video. Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ from the shoot:


When we delivered the first edit, there were many discussions about what parts were our favourites. After much debating, the band decided that the video should be the video feedback scenes and none of the other material shot. This was a great learning experience……always be prepared to have some of your work end up on the cutting room floor. The most important opinion is that of the artist…..because that is the purpose of the music video; to promote the artist. Finally, the video was released to the world!

Before long, reviews were coming out about the new album, and video. We still remember how exciting it was to see what others got from the video:

By Divine Right recently caught us off guard when they announced Organized Accidents and offered it up as a full stream in one fell swoop. Now, the long-running rock band have shared a video for that album’s “More Thorns.”

The song is a mellow, mid-tempo ballad, and the accompanying video emphasizes the album’s psych-rock undercurrent with projections and visual trickery. It’s not too crazy-looking, though, and the performance footage captures this song’s melodic beauty and simplicity. It was directed by Ben Srokosz.

See By Divine Right’s tour schedule right here.
— By Alex Hudson Published Jun 04, 2013, Exclaim!