2 video marketing mistakes

You already understand the importance of making videos, but be careful not to fall into 2 very common traps when it comes to doing it right.

  1. You aren’t opportunistic.

    Waiting until you ‘need’ a video made and then trying to cram it into a deadline is a sure fire way to diminish the effectiveness of your business marketing, or storytelling videos. What you SHOULD be doing, is being opportunistic.

    Your company participates in a public fundraising event? Film it. One of your executives is in town meeting with frontline workers? Interview them. The weather is great? Capture some content. Something timely happens in the news that affects your business? Say something about it.

    The content will be effective, timely, and actually save you money by capturing it WHEN it happens, not trying to force something to fit your digital content plans.

  2. You aren’t seeing the big picture.

    At GATTA, we don’t make videos……we create asset libraries. As your business grows, develops, changes, and succeeds, there is a story to tell. Every photo, video, interview, media clip, graphic, or branding change should be archived into an organized and properly tagged asset library. Then you back it up in up in at least 2 places.

    Good content isn’t always cheap or easy. Media attention is usually priceless. To have all of those assets at the ready any time you want to post to social media, expand your web presence, or create new video content, will save you time, money , and result in better stories because you will have YOUR OWN content. Not having an asset library can lead to buying stock footage or photos and that lacks authenticity.

    Plus, some day when your company is a world leader in your space, you’ll want to have content for the documentary film!

Be opportunistic: Contact GATTA today to begin capturing timely, effective content and build your company’s asset library. You will thank us.