2018 Power Off and Play Campaign (Behind the Scenes)

In 2018, Chatham-Kent Public Health set out to make videos to encourage the Public to ‘Power off and Play’. This meant spending less screen time, and more time either interacting with others, outdoors, etc. After a successful bid, GATTA Creative began to work with the Public Health team on the concepts and planning.

There would be 3 videos, each taking a different approach to the issue. Young children device usage, family recreation time, and one about parents being present at their child’s extra curricular activities, (and not on their devices).

The first spot was to be filmed at the Montessori school in Chatham, where the staff and parents were absolutely accommodating and enthusiastic.

The concept of spot #1 was to start with a scene that appeared to be a child playing alone on a tablet, then to reveal that they are actually enjoying time finger painting with their class . We enjoy the idea of showing something that could be interpreted in different ways, and then revealing the message visually so that the viewer is discovering with us in real time.

In our initial scouting visit, we used one of our favourite phone apps, “Cadrage” in order to determine the framing with different lenses. (see picture below).


Next, we developed some storyboards by using the Pencil app on iPad. The only risk here was that it would expose our less than Montessori level drawing skills!! You can see the final frame next to each storyboard component. This stage is incredibly valuable for knowing your pacing, as these ads needed to stay within a short 15 second run time.

Paper.Power Off And Play.comparison.jpg

On shoot day, it was important to spend time to arrange the space, address lighting, and check our framing before the children arrive.


Brandon, our photographer looks on as we flag the window, and set up our overhead lighting with our trusty #RAYZR7 LED light.


The double diffusion, first with the curtain wrap, then through the 4x6 panel created a nice, soft spill down onto where our student and teacher would be sitting.


Our little actress was wonderful……she didn’t seem distracted by the lights, flags, and camera. We kept her finger-painting and our adult actor helped to encourage her.


Shooting during school hours, with a 3 year old child is never easy. By preparing our storyboards we only needed 4 shots to complete this ad. This cut down on shooting time, and allowed us to spend the majority of our time with setup. It also allowed the time with children on set to be kept to a minimum.

This ad became part of a successful Power off and Play campaign, run on social media, local Chatham-Kent cable television, as well as in Cineplex pre-shows. Have a look at the finished product! If you would like to learn more about reducing screen time, visit: Super Kids CK.