#Throwback : The More Thorns Video

In 2013, Jonathan and Ben were friends, but not yet colleagues. We lived in different cities, and had separate career paths. An opportunity arose to create a music video for iconic Canadian band: By Divine Right, who were in the midst of recording their album “Organized Accidents”


When considering concepts for the video, Ben recalled a video he had made with some friends back in high school, using ‘video feedback’. Basically, by attaching a camera to a television and pointing the camera back at the television screen…..you can ‘loop’ the image and create some interesting visual effects. Proof that the time teenagers spend goofing off can yield tangible results!


Jonathan had access to a home theatre and projector, so the plan was set…..film some psychedelic video feedback, along with some various performance footage, and make a fun, fast cutting video. Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ from the shoot:


When we delivered the first edit, there were many discussions about what parts were our favourites. After much debating, the band decided that the video should be the video feedback scenes and none of the other material shot. This was a great learning experience……always be prepared to have some of your work end up on the cutting room floor. The most important opinion is that of the artist…..because that is the purpose of the music video; to promote the artist. Finally, the video was released to the world!

Before long, reviews were coming out about the new album, and video. We still remember how exciting it was to see what others got from the video:

By Divine Right recently caught us off guard when they announced Organized Accidents and offered it up as a full stream in one fell swoop. Now, the long-running rock band have shared a video for that album’s “More Thorns.”

The song is a mellow, mid-tempo ballad, and the accompanying video emphasizes the album’s psych-rock undercurrent with projections and visual trickery. It’s not too crazy-looking, though, and the performance footage captures this song’s melodic beauty and simplicity. It was directed by Ben Srokosz.

See By Divine Right’s tour schedule right here.
— By Alex Hudson Published Jun 04, 2013, Exclaim!

How to be more confident in an interview

At GATTA we recognize that interviews, specifically corporate video can be tough. Perhaps you prefer to work behind the scenes and now you are being asked to speak on camera. Perhaps you are a leader in the organization who often speaks at events, but now it will be committed to video…..forever. Perhaps you are completely confident in front of the camera, but are stressing about what to say and how it will be perceived.

Being asked to give an interview is a compliment!

Let’s just get that fact out into the open. Recognizing that you have been asked to play spokesperson for your organization, says a lot. That video is a window into the company and everyone who views it is getting a feeling about your company goals, values, and objectives. To be speaking on that behalf means that you are viewed as a good communicator, and a leader. Therefore…..BE YOURSELF. There is no need to try to change your appearance, tone, or vocabulary to speak on your company’s behalf. They chose you for a reason.

Tip #1: The Pre-Interview

One major tip in this regard is to have a pre-interview conversation with your interviewer. This could be the morning of your interview, but ideally it would be in advance. Getting to know your interviewer, their sense of humour, their mannerisms, and their style can help you to feel more at home during the interview. Likewise, the interviewer can get a sense of how best to engage you in conversation. Often in interviews we say “we are just having a conversation”. Well, yes and no. The interviewer certainly wants you to feel that it is just the two of you talking casually. However, in their head they are thinking of how best to guide you and to extract the sound bites that they need for the video. In some cases they have been instructed by a director, producer, or other person on what information they need to obtain for the video to make sense in the finished edit. Therefore, being comfortable with that person is critical. A great interviewer will have skills to help put you ate ease, but you can’t always rely on that.

Tip #2: Ditch the Paper

We see it all of the time. An interviewee comms into the room clutching one or many papers filled with ‘what they need to say’. In some cases they were given a line of questioning ahead of time to write out their thoughts. The intention is good, to give you a chance to prepare and collect your thoughts. During the interview however, the paper can be the #1 reason that the interview goes south or loses its authenticity. You keep glancing at it, rustling it, or just plain going back to it as a crutch. So….ditch the paper. Pro tip: give the paper to the interviewer so they can give the paper a read prior to the interview. Now they know what you are trying to say, how you need things worded, and they can figure out how best to guide you to say the very things on the paper, without the memorizing.

Tip #3: Trust your editor (but still get sign-off)

In most corporate videos, your time will be very short. Sometimes the producers are only looking for a few key lines, but they are interviewing you in case any unexpected wisdom is shared the they can use to tell the story more effectively. Thinking too much about exactly how to phrase each point can lead to a lot of unnecessary starting and stopping, or re-taking. In the end, the editor is simply going to take the best parts, remove the ums, aahs, and pauses, and re-assemble what you said anyways. That is why it is far more important for you to speak freely and comfortably than to try to ‘nail’ a phrase (and looking frazzled in the process) . The purpose of reviewing the video and signing off after you have seen the edit, is so that the editors can make all the necessary technical changes to put you in the best possible light. If you aren’t happy with the end result, then you can tell them why, and what changes you would like made. Remember, this isn’t a live for TV interview. The editor is just as motivated to make you look and sound good, so that they can be rehired.

Interviews are a powerful tool to connect with your clients. They allow viewers to feel that they are getting to know you. The least that your interview feels scripted or ‘produced’, the better. We live in a time where authenticity wins nearly every time. Hire the right professionals to help you with this very important part of your public relations. Contact GATTA today if you would like to book us for your next interview piece, or even as a consult on how to get the interview right.

2 video marketing mistakes

You already understand the importance of making videos, but be careful not to fall into 2 very common traps when it comes to doing it right.

  1. You aren’t opportunistic.

    Waiting until you ‘need’ a video made and then trying to cram it into a deadline is a sure fire way to diminish the effectiveness of your business marketing, or storytelling videos. What you SHOULD be doing, is being opportunistic.

    Your company participates in a public fundraising event? Film it. One of your executives is in town meeting with frontline workers? Interview them. The weather is great? Capture some content. Something timely happens in the news that affects your business? Say something about it.

    The content will be effective, timely, and actually save you money by capturing it WHEN it happens, not trying to force something to fit your digital content plans.

  2. You aren’t seeing the big picture.

    At GATTA, we don’t make videos……we create asset libraries. As your business grows, develops, changes, and succeeds, there is a story to tell. Every photo, video, interview, media clip, graphic, or branding change should be archived into an organized and properly tagged asset library. Then you back it up in up in at least 2 places.

    Good content isn’t always cheap or easy. Media attention is usually priceless. To have all of those assets at the ready any time you want to post to social media, expand your web presence, or create new video content, will save you time, money , and result in better stories because you will have YOUR OWN content. Not having an asset library can lead to buying stock footage or photos and that lacks authenticity.

    Plus, some day when your company is a world leader in your space, you’ll want to have content for the documentary film!

Be opportunistic: Contact GATTA today to begin capturing timely, effective content and build your company’s asset library. You will thank us.

We have a way to give back to our community!

One day video event for local business owners to showcase just what CK has to offer!

One day video event for local business owners to showcase just what CK has to offer!


On April 5 2019, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) published a report that claimed that Chatham-Kent “is one of Canada’s least entrepreneurial communities.”


GATTA Creative’s immediate response was “MALARKY!” (excuse the language).  In our world we are surrounded by local entrepreneurs constantly, both in our work and in our personal lives.

Thats why we thought of you!


At that moment we decided to do something to prove that Chatham-Kent has a TON of the most passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs/solo-preneurs/small business owners in Canada!!

GATTA wants to help our fellow CK entrepreneurs by doing what we do best - creating the perfect attention grabbing, unique digital video content for all of your social media, website, promotional needs.

You want to have stunning video for your website & social media, but you are too busy running your empire. We get it, you always put your clients first. Thats how we can help. Just think, in 1 hour you can move your business to the next level.


We’re calling it #maydayCK

We will reserve 10 spots for 10 entrepreneurs at a gorgeous location in downtown Chatham, to film your amazing promo videos on MAY 30th 2019.* AVAILABLE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED*

We have set this up to be as simple and straight forward as possible - we’ll block off 10 forty minute sessions during the day for filming. 

There will be 3 video styles to choose from as well as different areas of our location to shoot in so each video is unique and fresh.  

We know you’re busy running your business - so we set out to make this easy by providing a checklist to make sure everyone is as prepared as possible, a ‘Marketing Map’ provided by CK’s own Business Doula (this will be the ‘instructions’ you’ll need to properly share your new video for the best impact!) A sample script to give you an idea of how to approach what you’re going to say.

GATTA will be there every step of the way to make this the best it can be!!

Last, but certainly not least - GATTA will be filming/recording you with the best cinema cameras, audio recording gear, makeup, and lighting. 

Afterwards we will edit together a custom made 30-60 second promotional video (and quickly!) with award winning audio, crisp modern graphics, and custom made royalty free music (WE’RE EXCITED TOO!)


In the spirit of helping out our fellow CK businesses and proving that Chatham-Kent is actually a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity - we will be offering each complete promo video and marketing map for $650 plus HST.

This is a great bargain as you’ll end up with a finished product that would normally cost 3 to 4 times that amount!  Our goal is a one day offering to make this easy AND affordable!

GATTA, along with the Business Doula have taken all the guess work out of digital content promotion!

There’s no better time and no better way to tell your current/potential clients/customers what you’re doing, why you’re different, and your awesome story through video!!

We are reserving spots with a $200 deposit to hold your shoot time.  You’ll receive your video checklist ahead of the shoot date via email and you’ll be given your copy of the marketing map when you come to film your promo video. EMAIL: Jonathan@gattagcreative.com to book your spot.


Think of video as more of a ‘cover letter’ as opposed to a ‘resume’ for your business.

A promo video isn’t a brochure, it’s not to educate, but rather to initiate a personal connection or start a conversation. This is the window into your business, that allows your clients to become believers in your brand.

  • Maintain a tight focus on your message - don’t include too much.

  • Include a ‘call to action.’  Prompt your audience to do something (subscribe, purchase, donate, etc.) and tell them how to do it!

  • Showcase what makes you unique. Avoid using valuable screen time to talk about common attributes of businesses in your industry. Talk about why you are different.

You want to have stunning video for your website & social media, but you are too busy running your empire. We get it, you always put your clients first. Thats how we can help.

Just think, in 1 hour you can move your business to the next level.


2018 Power Off and Play Campaign (Behind the Scenes)

In 2018, Chatham-Kent Public Health set out to make videos to encourage the Public to ‘Power off and Play’. This meant spending less screen time, and more time either interacting with others, outdoors, etc. After a successful bid, GATTA Creative began to work with the Public Health team on the concepts and planning.

There would be 3 videos, each taking a different approach to the issue. Young children device usage, family recreation time, and one about parents being present at their child’s extra curricular activities, (and not on their devices).

The first spot was to be filmed at the Montessori school in Chatham, where the staff and parents were absolutely accommodating and enthusiastic.

The concept of spot #1 was to start with a scene that appeared to be a child playing alone on a tablet, then to reveal that they are actually enjoying time finger painting with their class . We enjoy the idea of showing something that could be interpreted in different ways, and then revealing the message visually so that the viewer is discovering with us in real time.

In our initial scouting visit, we used one of our favourite phone apps, “Cadrage” in order to determine the framing with different lenses. (see picture below).


Next, we developed some storyboards by using the Pencil app on iPad. The only risk here was that it would expose our less than Montessori level drawing skills!! You can see the final frame next to each storyboard component. This stage is incredibly valuable for knowing your pacing, as these ads needed to stay within a short 15 second run time.

Paper.Power Off And Play.comparison.jpg

On shoot day, it was important to spend time to arrange the space, address lighting, and check our framing before the children arrive.


Brandon, our photographer looks on as we flag the window, and set up our overhead lighting with our trusty #RAYZR7 LED light.


The double diffusion, first with the curtain wrap, then through the 4x6 panel created a nice, soft spill down onto where our student and teacher would be sitting.


Our little actress was wonderful……she didn’t seem distracted by the lights, flags, and camera. We kept her finger-painting and our adult actor helped to encourage her.


Shooting during school hours, with a 3 year old child is never easy. By preparing our storyboards we only needed 4 shots to complete this ad. This cut down on shooting time, and allowed us to spend the majority of our time with setup. It also allowed the time with children on set to be kept to a minimum.

This ad became part of a successful Power off and Play campaign, run on social media, local Chatham-Kent cable television, as well as in Cineplex pre-shows. Have a look at the finished product! If you would like to learn more about reducing screen time, visit: Super Kids CK.

Our New Reel - Looking Ahead At 2019

It’s already spring! 2019 is flying by and we just finished our new reel of work from 2018 (which you can check out above). We worked on so many great projects in 2018 (the LivingCK project even won a marketing award! Check out our blog post here) and as entrepreneurs, now is our time to look ahead at 2019 to investigate where we can improve our work as well as our workflow.

One of GATTA’s main philosophies is, to always deliver more than our clients expect. We have added some new gear to our toolbox, streamlined our storytelling skills, upgraded our colour workflow, and honed our communication processes. All of these steps have been thoughtfully integrated into every GATTA project to ensure that when we collaborate with a business, artist, charity, community leader, or event - we can produce digital content that exceeds everyones expectations as well as elevates all brands involved.

With all of that being said, please check out our new reel of work above, with music by one of our favourite artists, ‘Radical Face’.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, subscribe to our Vimeo and Youtube channels, or check back to our ‘News’ section for our latest posts. We have some great ‘behind the scenes’ photos and video from past projects, some techniques we’re trying, new gear we are in love with, and we’ll be sharing stories of some of our awesome clients and collaborators!

#LivingCK Campaign Wins EDCO 2018 Award!

Our video won an award!!🍻Working with @chatham_kent marketing team on the #livingck campaign was a great excuse to use our talents to showcase our awesome community!

GATTA discusses the EDCO 2018 AWARD WINNING Campaign "LivingCK", in which the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and GATTA teamed up to profile area residents that are proud to live in CK. This collaboration truly reflects what a great City, their innovative team and talented film making can accomplish.