Jonathan Abrosimoff has been interested in cinematography from the time he was very young. In Jonathan’s case, he’s been behind a camera since he borrowed one at the age of twelve.

In 2003, he started his own production company, which focused on making commercials, music videos and short films for clients in the Toronto area. Being in Toronto offered Jonathan the fortuity to work for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment in the Sports Broadcasting industry, sparking an interest and honing his skill set for documentary filmmaking.

In 2009 opportunity saw Jonathan and his family leave Toronto to continue his work in cinematography. Leading to the eventual creation of GATTA in 2016 with long-time friend and collaborator Ben Srokosz. GATTA’s blend of corporate and artistic strengths allow them to select the best projects to make the most impact with companies like Union Gas, Microsoft, Enbridge, Royal Bank and artists such as By Divine Right, Lily Frost, and many more. Jonathan prides himself on the ability to bring creative innovation but also valuable work ethic and solid talent to each and every project he undertakes.